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Diabetes In TCM Part VI---------- Knowledge Revolution of Diabetes

Difference between Chemical Therapy and TCM Therapy

Dr Wang believes that the treatment in present clinical application, prescribing the same medicine for the only purpose of reducing blood sugar but ignoring to ask the age, gender, etiology and symptoms among patients is wrong, it will cause that the disease seems to be treated, but some potential illness comes later, then people becomes weaker and finally Multiple System Organ Failure. Only according to the difference of patients' age, gender, etiology to take diagnosis and treatment based on an overall analysis of the illness and the patient's condition (BianZhengShiZhi), different formulas different patients, different formulas different time, eliminating the source of disease, developing physical fitness, restoring functions of viscera, and then can cure diabetes completely.
Surely according to present conditions, we can’t do like the way above for every diabetes, but we designed great formula for most diabetes patients, it is GlucoNature, most diabetes patients will get great benefit from GlucoNature.
 For the sake of offering the best service, we have created relative perfect system for customers home treatment safely and correctly:

1. We have created TCM Hospital Online where customers can submit their detailed diseases’ condition, we will give diagnosis results and complete treatment plan in TCM way. On this website we have best TCM doctors online waiting for your inquiry.


2. We have created TCM Community for customers to submit their questions during taking our products or treatment plan, our administers will give you timely reply.


3. For the customers who have conditions we also offer “Come to Our TCM Hospital” to accept our doctors’ service face to face. The details about this are on our Online TCM Hospital:

Doctor Wang
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