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Diabetes In TCM Part IV---------- Knowledge Revolution of Diabetes

Correct  Diagnosis of  Diabetes

Dr Wang indicates that it is not comprehensive for the western medicine takes the increase of blood sugar and urine sugar purely as the basis of diabetes, instead, the ability of stomach to absorb and transport sugar, the ability of liver and gall bladder compound and convert sugar, and the ability of heart, lungs and kidney adjust and utilize sugar, those three kinds of abilities is normal or not should be regarded as the basis of diagnosis of diabetes. If the three functions are good, we can’t say people get diabetes even though the index of blood sugar and urine sugar is higher than normal. Otherwise, if those three kinds of abilities in bad conditions, it might also be confirmed as diabetes though the index of blood sugar and urine sugar are normal. Diabetes patients take chemicals, the index of blood sugar and urine sugar are normal, but they still in diabetes and at last die of complications of diabetes from chemicals side effects. Western Medicine only sees highest blood sugar is harmful for body, but not sees normal blood sugar index of diabetes patients means their body is in the shortage of blood sugar, hypoglycemia is more terrible than hyperglycemia.

Doctor Wang
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