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Three roles of blood sugar plays in human body
TCM Doctor

Traditional Chinese medicine, also known as TCM , includes a range of traditional medical practices originating in China. Although well accepted in the mainstream of medical care throughout East Asia, it is considered an alternative medical system in much of the western world.

TCM practices include such treatments as herbal medicine, acupuncture, dietary therapy, and both Tui na and Shiatsu massage. Qigong and Taijiquan are also closely associated with TCM.
TCM claims to be rooted in meticulous observation of nature, the cosmos, and the human body, and to be thousands of years old.

Three roles of blood sugar plays in human body
Sugar is the fuel of the function of human body, lack blood sugar will cause hypofunction of human body, if seriously will cause the function failure of human body, no sugar will lead to death.
Sugar is the adhesive of human body, human will suffer from Fundus Hemorrhage, Gum Bleeding, Hematochezia, Angiosclerosis and Viscera Sclerosis when he lacks sugar. Serious lacking of sugar may cause itchy skin, skin cancer and skin wounds which are very difficult to heal. Therefore, Patients with diabetes are easy to suffer from such complications as haemorrhage, decay and osteoporosis which are caused by gradually reduce of body sugar by taking chemicals and diet control.
Sugar can clear dampness of body and finish water metabolism together with salt in the body. Diuresis is the main function of sugar, initial stage of diabetes patients have abundant sugar in their body, so they usually suffer from frequent urination and urorrhagia, but with the aggravation of the course of diabetes, symptom like dropsy and difficulty in urination will also appear.
Wang holds that complications and death of diabetes are caused by control therapy. Control diet and cutting the source of human body sugar just like faucet which is leaking, they only shut off the water supply instead of repairing the faucet, the function of supplying water will be out of work although it seems that the faucet is not leaking any more, but conduit will rust as time passes and the water facilities will be put aside as useless in the end. Taking Sulfonylureas, such as Glibenclamide, Glipizide, Gliclazide, D860, Glibornuride and Gliquidone can decrease the temperature of Qi, reduce blood glucose levels temporarily, but as time passes it will make the function of heart, lung and liver to decline. Taking biguanides such as Metformin, metformin hydrochloride, and diaformin can reduce the temperature of blood, and restrain the absorption of Glucose temporarily, it seems that the indexes are good for the time being, but it will make the function of spleen and stomach decline. Injection of Insulin may affect the function of heart and kidney and control the blood sugar, but long-term injection of Insulin may lead to the failure of the function of heart and kidney.

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