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Rhizoma Polygonati Odorati

Rhizoma Polygonati Odorati

Pharmaceutical name: Rhizoma Polygonati Odorati

Latin botanical name: Polygonatum Modoratum (Mill.) Druce 西玉竹(連州竹,西竹);湘玉竹(尾參)
Polygonatum Macropodium Turcz 海玉竹(海竹)
Polygonatum inflatum Kom 東北玉竹
Polygonatum Odoratum (Mill.) Druce var. Pluriflorum (Miq); also known as P. officinale All.)

Common Name: Beatamaria in Catalan, Angular Solomon's Seal, Muhrusuleyman, Poligonato, Solomon'S Seal, Solomon's Seal, Welriekende Salomonszegel.

Distribution: Jiangsu, Hebei, Hunan, Henan, Zhejiang provinces of China.

Properties (characteristics): Sweet, slightly bitter, slightly cool.

Channels (meridians) entered: Lung, stomach.

Actions & Indications:
Contraindicated for those with a weak Spleen and Stomach, contraindicated for those with Qi Stagnation and Phlegm-Dampness in the Stomach, contraindicated for those with loose stools due to Cold in the Middle Jiao.
Medical Function:
1. Effect on heart: small amount of yu zhu decoction or tincture strengthens the in vitro heart of frogs, while large amount weaken the heart rate, or even stop the hearts.

2. Effect on blood vessels: when given 20% decoction to the the blood vessels of frogs, caused the blood vessels to constrict. Giving 20ml of venous injection to dogs, has caused the volume of the kidneys to shrink.

3. Effect on blood pressure: giving 20% of yu zhu decoction of 1, 2 and 5ml of venous injections to domestic rabbits has caused the blood pressure to rise slowly but giving small dosage of 5 ml to dogs under anesthesia, has caused the blood pressure to lower temporary.

4. Effect on blood lipids and arteriosclerosis: using yu zhu injectiones in muscle injection or in stomach feeding can prevent the rising of triglycerides but cholesterol had risen after administering the herb.

5. Effect on blood sugar: giving domesticated rabbits venous injection of 2 yu zhu extract of 0.5/kg, has caused the blood sugar to lower, but stomach introduction has caused the blood sugar to rise initially and to lower eventually. It can obviously inhibit the effect of of raising blood sugar by the epinephrine.

6. Effect on intestines:20% decoction can initially stimulate in vitro intestines of mice, and eventually inhibits the intestines.

7. Effect on uterus: 20% decoction can mildly stimultate in vitro uterus of mice.

8. Effect on lack of oxygen: injecting 100% yu zhu injectiones, enable mice to tolerate lack of oxygen.
Dosage: For decoction: 10 to 15 g. Can be used in pill or powder form. Can be made into paste by decocting and evaporating.
Cautions: Not to use in cases of damp phlegm and qi stagnation in the stomach.

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