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Astragalus root

Astragalus root

Pharmaceutical name: Radix astragali
Latin botanical name:

Astragalus henryi Oliv.
Astragalus hoantchy Franch.
Astragalus menbranaceus Fisch.
Astragalus mongholicus Bunge

Common Name: Astragalus root

Distribution:Mainly produced in Shanxi, heilongjiang provinces and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, also produce in jilin, Gansu, hebei, Shaanxi and northeastern part of China.

Properties (characteristics): Tastes slightly sweet and has almost no smell.

Channels (meridians) entered: Lung and spleen.

Actions & Indications:

In qixu (qi deficient) , pixu (spleen deficient) and yangxu (yang deficient), weakness and fatigue, numbness of limb, morbidity after stroke, sweating, promoting pus discharge and tissue regeneration. Promotes diuresis to reduce edema. Treatment of diabetes. Treatment of xinyangxu (heart yang deficient) and shenyangxu.

Medical Function:

1. Large dosage of above 35 grams can lower blood pressure, vaso-dilation

2. Small dosage within 15 grams can increase blood pressure

3. Prolonging diuretic effect

4. Lessening proteinuria

5. Improving endurance

6. Protecting liver function

7. Regulate blood sugar

8. Astragaloside IV possesses potent anti-HBV activity.
Dosage: 6-10g. For use in hypertension, the dosage usually is above 30 g. Small dosage and can have hypertensive effect.

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