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GlucoNature   Synergistic Herbal Formula Created under GESIN Standard

Now a new approach to assisting those afflicted with Diabetes, with an effective supplement based on Chinese Traditional Medicine.
GlucoNature is supportive of Yin & Yang, the key balance in TCM to allow the body to heal! Ethical Western medicines, rely on the approach of only controlling blood sugar levels.
GlucoNature helps the body to adjust blood sugar level itself by equalising the Yin & Yang balance in the body.

GlucoNature is created under GESIN standard: original standard of TCM its own.

This method has been used sucessfully in TCM in China for thousands of years!

GlucoNature Clinical Testing

Clinical testing has established scientific proof that the key herbal components in Gluconature may help to increase substantially blood microcirculation in the bodies extremities! By increasing Microcirculation with a naturally based formula many complications associated with poor circulation in Diabetics can be reduced. By improving microcirculation, Extremity Infection risk is lowered!

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GlucoNature Check List
  • Help to improve microcirculation of extemities
  • Help to adjust blood sugar to normal level
  • Help to clear hot toxic in blood
  • Help to relieve insomnia
  • Help to minimise complications
  • Help to reduce side effects of chemicals
  • Allows free eating in terms of diet
  • 100% natural product
  • No known side effects
  • 20 years of formula research
  • 5 years of successful application
  • USA FDA Verified
  • EU MOH Verified
Check List
GlucoNature Herbal Formula

GlucoNature was formulated using Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques. All herbs in this formula are grown specifically by the manufacturer near Mount Tai in China. Mount Tai is known for it’s purity of air and lush soils that produce the finest herbs!

GlucoNature contains 8 Active Herbal Supplements known to assist microcirculation. The antioxidant effect can also assist those people with evidence of complications associated to Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases.

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GlucoNature out Performs the Rest

1. GlucoNature is created as GESIN Standard: Geoherbalism, Effectiveness, Safety, Individuation, Nature, and especially Individuation service system(see below) sets GlucoNature firmly apart from the rest for diabetes.

2. GlucoNature can help to keep patient's body to balancing blood sugar itself.

3. GlucoNature can help to reduce chemicals side effects.

4. GlucoNature also can help free eating in terms of diet.

5. If you selected GlucoNature, you selected a complete service system.

GlucoNature has Individual Diagnosis Service for diabetes patients who are necessary to get individual treatment plan.

All the above makes GlucoNature out performs the rest.

gluconature Package
GlucoNature is a supplement, that has shown effectiveness in alleviating most of the symptoms associated with Diabetes.
See more information on our F.A.Q. page.
Learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM in our Information section Here.
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